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Amelia Island Info

From things to do to things to see, this site is a great guide to start exploring the best of Amelia Island.


The unique beauty of Amelia Island has long inspired famous authors, here are a few interesting reads about Amelia. 

John Grisham’s Ode to Amelia Island
Image shown is Ritz Carlton of Amelia Island

Oyster Bay

Raegan and her family are members of the Oyster Bay Yacht Club in Oyster Bay Harbour just off of Amelia Island.


Raegan and her husband are members of the Golf Club of Amelia Island.

Image shown is Golf Club of Amelia Island

Dining Amelia

Raegan and her family can’t get enough of these tasty hot spots.

EXPLORing natural amelia

Useful links to reference for your outdoor activity planning

Amelia Island Biking Path

Free high res map shown on the left

Shark Tooth Hunting

Many claim to have found a tooth as big as this one, or at least a piece of one, on the beaches of Amelia Island. Big or small, there are plenty of teeth to find. 

Beach Access

Beach Accesses in the City limits, listed from north to south:

Ferriera Access: #16N.  No parking.

North Beach Park Access: #12N.  Parking.  ADA accessibility.

6th Street Access: #9N.  No parking.

3rd Street Access: #6N.  No parking.

1st Street Access: #4N.  No parking.

Dolphin Street Access: Main Beach Park.  Parking.  ADA accessibility.

Nassau Access: #1.  No parking.

Amelia Access: #2.  No parking.

Alabama Access: #5.  Parking.

New York Access: #6.  Parking.

Maryland Access: #8.  Parking.

Jasmine Access. #9.  Parking.

Wisconsin Access: #10.  No parking.

Kentucky Access: #10S.  Parking across Fletcher Ave.

Colorado Access: #11.  No parking.

Jefferson Access: #13.  Parking across Fletcher Ave.

Access #14.  No parking.

Madison Access: #15.  No parking.

Cleveland Access: #16.  Parking across Fletcher Ave.

Roosevelt Access: #18.  No parking.

Seaside Park Access.  Parking.  ADA accessibility.

John Robas Access: #21.  No parking.

B Street Access: #21S.  No parking.

C Street Access: #22.  No parking.

D Street Access: #23.  No parking.

Askins Access: #24.  No Parking.

Mizell Access: #25.  Parking.

Allen Access: #27.  Parking.

North Casino Access: #28.  Parking.

South Casino Access: #29.  Parking.

Simmons Access: #30.  Parking.

Hutchins Access: #31.  Parking.

Oklawaha Acess: #33.  No parking.

Mantanzas Access: #34.  Parking.  ADA accessibility.

Manatee Access: #35.  Parking.  

Suwanee Access: #35S.  Parking.

Kissimmee Access: #36.  Parking.

Alachua Access: #37.  Parking.

Osceola Access: #38.  Parking.

Ozello Access: #39.  Parking.

Pasco Access: #40.  Parking.

Surf's up

A surfer most of her life, and now her children enjoy the sport. Amelia Island’s beaches are a playground for many water sport activities.

Favorite Local Surf Shops


Amelia Island offers fantastic fishing, below are recommended charter captains.

Raegan's family with Schmidt Happens Fishing

Scuba Diving

Scuba Station offers the PADI Diver’s Course for Amelia Island residents and tourists.

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